Halo MCC

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a compilation of first-person shooter video games in the Halo series, originally released in November 2014 for the Xbox One, and later on Windows through 2019 and 2020.


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Suck My Griffballs | Halo : MCC PC highlights

Halo MCC : Reach | 6 Feb 2020

“I may not be very good at this game, but I am good at getting XP from this game – look at that, 16 to 2…2 that’s not actually good… at all :I “

Yaur noe match fer me, CrazyBrown

Halo MCC : Reach | 3 Feb 2020

Howdy y’all, CrazyBrown thunks he’s got the smarts two take me down! I’ll tell y’all, he aint no match fer me !

The Misadventures of Sierra 420 [ Halo Master Chief Collection PC ]

Halo MCC : Reach | 26 Jan 2020

It is important to enjoy yourself when playing games, because relying on skill and doing well it just outright unsustainable.

I am a highly trained Spartan Soldier [Halo Master Chief Collection PC]

Halo MCC : Reach | 25 Jan 2020

“Sierra 420 ready for duty, Sir! What is my mission?”

“To be the greatest god damn Spartain the world has ever seen, Private!”

“Sir, Yes, Sir!”

gamer mode has activated

Halo MCC : Reach | 19 Jan 2020

The wire of my headphones caught the lever on my desk chair and the back of the chair became a wet noodle.


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Edit something out of gameplay

These are the videos I’ve edited down into something  interesting.

I might not be good at the game but i’m slight more not bad at editing videos, I hope



Past Livestreams

” ooh Rah !”

I play the game so I figured it makes sense to livestream the game while I’m at it. 

This is the end result 

I won’t pretend I’m good at the game but I will guarunte I got it on video

I rest easy knowing I can do a half-decent editing job of the good bits later

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