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A Valorant Game With Internationally Phat Puss Puss

Valorant | 29 Jul 2020

WARNING !!! Potato Microphone warning for my teammates at the start! BEWARE!

Besides that, just another day in the Valorant.


Minecraft Dungeons | 8 Jul 2020

The Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens DLC has been hyped up for so long! The Jungle Abomination seen as the scary, big monster of the jungle that we must fight…

And we broke it… first try.

Minecraft Dungeons Tactical Nuke

Minecraft Dungeons | 9 Jun 2020

The TNT in Minecraft Dungeons used to full effect, with every single block we found in the Mission being used against the Corrupted Cauldron.

Evokers Only : Minecraft Dungeons but EVERY SINGLE MOB IS AN EVOKER

Minecraft Dungeons | 27 Apr 2020

I installed a mod for Minecraft Dungeons Beta that turned EVERY SINGLE MOB into an Evoker! It was insane trying to fight through and I died SO MANY TIMES

The whole colleciton…

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4 editors, 3 Emergency Services, 2 players, 1 collosal mess

Flashing Lights Simulator

Livestream TL;DR of our time playing Flashing Lights.
The twist? I hired multiple Fiverr editors to do sections of the video.



Scrap Mechanic : E1

Scrap Mechanic

Our first hour of gameplay, yet to be seen by the public. Audio issues guaranteed



Valorant Elderflame Bungle


Should you buy the Elderflame bundle? it is worth it? 



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